School Times

Grade R:

Monday-Friday | 07:30-12:15

Grade 1 & 2:

Monday-Friday | 07:30-13:00

Grade 3:

Monday and Wednesday | 07:30-13:30
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday | 07:30-13:00

Grade 4 - 7:

Monday-Wednesday | 07:30-14:10

Thursday-Friday | 07:30-13:10

School Fees

School fees are compulsory and are payable in advance annually, quarterly or monthly, over 10 months. School fees for 2020 will be R9650 per year (Gr.RR - 7) or R965 per month over 10 months.


Aftercare offers day care to all pupils of the school from grades RR to 7.This is an ideal opportunity for parents who are both employed or children who have to stay for extra-mural activities.The fees are R480 / month or R4800 over 10 months. Applications for admission must be done personally.

School Uniform

Girls Summer

Navy blue quantic culottes.

Short sleeve blue striped shirt with an owl on.

Short blue socks with white tackies OR barefoot OR flip-flops (ONLY available from school)

School tracksuit top.

Navy blue school underwear - COMPULSORY.

Girls Winter

School tracksuit with striped shirt, short blue socks and predominantly white tackies with white laces

Navy blue scarf and gloves.

School tracksuit top and/or navy blue windbreaker and a navy pullover.

Navy blue school panties COMPULSORY.

Boys Summer

Blue striped short sleeved shirt with an owl on.

Navy blue quantec shorts with light blue stripe.

White tackies with short blue socks OR barefoot OR flip-flops (ONLY available from school)

Navy blue school underpants - COMPULSORY.

Boys Winter

School tracksuit with blue striped sport shirt and blue school socks with white tackies and white laces.

Navy scarf, cap and gloves

School tracksuit top, a navy windbreaker and a navy pullover

Take note

Each article of clothing must be clearly marked. Available at De Jagers Laslappies and Boland Clothing.

Please Note

School tracksuits can be worn over school wear on cooler days with predominantly white tackies and white laces. A navy hat, without symbols is permissible for sport.


Learners must have a navy suitcase or rucksack, reinforced with cardboard, it must be big enough to hold a class workbook. Suitcases on wheels are not allowed. School bags are available at De Jagers.